Hair Integration

Hair Integration is a whole suite of painless options from which our restoration specialists can choose the best option for your unique situation. Using a variety of non-surgical attachment options and top-quality materials, new hair is added to your existing hair. With human hair and synthetic options, several application methods, and endless colors and textures, hair integration offers an affordable solution for just about everyone.

Hair Integration is an area in which the talent of our professionals shines through especially. Hair Integration involves adding new hair to your natural growing hair. In these procedures, the new hair is matched to the color and texture of your own hair. It is then attached to or around the hair follicles that supplement the hair you already have. This can be done to fill out thinning hair, replace hair that's fallen out, or to allow styling that could not be achieved without adding hair.

The most versatile hair enhancement option

The options are practically endless, and our staff has perfected the craft of identifying, designing, and applying personalized enhancements for all hair types, needs, and budgets. During your free consultation, you'll get to learn about our state-of-the-art attachment options and our collection of the highest quality human hair and synthetic added-hair materials. At Suzanne's Images, we are equipped to provide a wide variety of hair integration methods and materials, as well as world-class styling to make them look incredible.

You make the choice. We make it look incredible.

Everything about Hair Integration is customizable, including:

What enhancement material is used – Many factors can determine the right material for you. We stay up to date and always offer the finest, most natural-looking human and synthetic hair options.
How it's attached – Hair integrations can be tied on, clipped on, or attached with adhesive. A hair restoration specialist at Suzanne's Images will help you choose the best option for your lifestyle.
How much is added – The amount of hair to be added is completely personalized. That's why hair integration makes a great option for women seeking everything from extensive coverage to more versatile styling.
How much maintenance is required – Hair integration solutions run the gamut from long-lasting to temporary, and some can even be removed and reapplied whenever you like.

Hair Integration is A Comfortable Wig Alternative

Since all women experience hair loss differently, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Hair integration provides an adaptable solution that can be started early in the thinning process. It's versatile and adaptable, allowing you to adjust to continued hair loss over time. You don't have to begin with a wig. Call us today to discreetly explore your many options.

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  • Due to genetics I have dealt with hair loss for over forty years. Three years ago I became a client of Suzanne's and am so grateful for her services. It has been my most positive experience. She truly understands the emotional difficulty of hair loss. Suzanne has superb knowledge of products, coloring, and cut. She recently introduced me to Cyberhair and I love it.


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